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What deals does Tracfone offer?

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tracfone dealsThe Tracfone people regularly run all sort of deals and other types of promotions that it can get difficult to decide which phone is right for you, or which airtime plan to buy.

This page is just a simple guide to the types of deals they usually offer, all of which you can find on this site!

Types of Tracfone deals

  • Coupons, Promotional codes, Bonus codes
    These are all very similar – Click the link or enter the code mentioned on checkout to get the discount.
  • Free phones
    This works just like normal cell phone plans. You get your choice of a free phone (or two!) when you sign up for tracphone service.
  • Free airtime minutes, Double minutes
    Often when you signup or go to buy more minutes for your phone Tracphone will offer a deal like 60 extra minutes or even double minutes. Check my pages for the best deals.

More on Tracfone…

If you are interested to learn a bit more about Tracfone, try my review page or my info on where to buy Tracfone.

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