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LG LG410G Review

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The LG410G is a durable Tracfone phone in a compact package. This stylish flip phone comes with a variety of features to make you happy:

  • It weighs only 2.85 ounces making it easy-to-use and portable.
  • Its compact flip phone design and colour screen display makes it look sleek and stylish.
  • It comes with a handsfree speaker and an external caller ID display, the latter of which is absent in many such flip phones.
  • The phone also comes with a Voice Recorder and Alarm Clock which are essential features for most users today.
  • The battery life is good with up to 4 hours of talk time and 7 days of standby time.
  • The phone comes pre-loaded with 13 ringtones.
  • The phonebook can hold 500 entries which is sufficient for most users and larger than most phones in this category provide.
  • Another added bonus is that the LG 410G is Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) rating M-3.
  • The screen is small yet crisp and far better than most of the other phones in its range.
  • The call quality is very good with no interference or disturbance in the form of noise, echo or static.
  • The outer display can be activated by pressing the volume rocker button on the side once and does not need to be held on to like in many other phones.
  • It has the T9 so that you don’t have to type words over and over again while texting. It can also learn new words in the T9.
  • It also features Downloadable Ringtones, Graphics, News, Weather, Sports and more using Airtime Minutes
  • The LED chrge indicator glows bright and clear in the front face so that you can always charge your phone at the right time.

The phone however disappoints you in certain areas:

  • The screen may be too small for many users.
  • The phone is lighter than any other Tracfone, perhaps too light to be handled comfortably.
  • The battery and charging port are the same.
  • The outer display is cloudy and looks like an imperfection in the screen from a distance.
  • There is no dedicated browser button but the right navigator button activates the browser. However, the key cannot be reassigned.
  • This phone does not include double minutes for life.

The phone is strong and works well and certainly scores well over the Motorola EM326g and 300g.

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